packet pusher

the flow of packets never ending
pushed through fiber
pushed through copper
pushed through air
pushed through the cold ether of space
the protocol matters not
the humble packet pusher does it all

from source to destination
the packet pusher is a watchful guardian
every lost packet a sad affair
every down link a dead limb
every attack a overwhelming stress
through all this the packet pusher carries on
for the flow of packets must not stop

the packet pusher has many peers
from London to New York to Tokyo
brethren united with one purpose
to keep the packets flowing

the packet pusher needs no rest
for it is machine
with a silicon heart
its lifeblood electric

in return for steady service
the packet pusher asks for a friend
someone to provide guidance
someone to mend its wounds
a operator of the mortal variety
a operator with the same purpose
to keep the flow of packets never ending

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